Articles about Language Learning

The Bilingual Advantage
A cognitive neuroscientist, Ellen Bialystok has spent almost 40 years learning about how bilingualism sharpens the mind. Her good news: Among other benefits, the regular use of two languages appears to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.

Early Launch for Language
Can kids learn anything if they are exposed to a subject for only half an hour a week, with no homework?  When it comes to learning another language, educators say yes. 

The Benefits of Being Bilingual
In a recent paper published in Psychological Science, a team of psychologists led by Boaz Keysar at the University of Chicago found that forcing people to rely on a second language systematically reduced human biases, allowing the subjects to escape from the usual blind spots of cognition. In a sense, they were better able to think without style.

Language Schools

Language Tree DVDs are great tools to jump start or reinforce language learning. However, to gain fluency, your child must continually speak the language and learn from language educators. We encourage you to enroll your child in one of the many quality children’s language schools or language immersion programs available in your community. To help with your search, we’ve compiled a list of schools that offer foreign language classes to children.

San Diego

Albert Einstein Academies
3035 Ash Street
San Diego, CA  92102

Birgit Schafer
German Program Coordinator
Phone: (619) 795-1190

Language: German

Albert Einstein Academies is a public (charter) elementary and middle school with a dual German/English immersion program. In grades Kindergarten to five, 50 percent of the total instruction time is taught in German. Instruction in English and German rotates weekly and all subjects including math, science, social studies and music are taught in both languages. In addition, the school philosophy follows the guidelines of the International Baccalaureate Program ( and was accredited as IB PYP school in 2007.

San Diego French American School
6550 Soledad Mountain Rd
La Jolla, CA 92037-5835

Stéphanie Humbert
Administration, General Information
Phone: (858) 456 2807
Email: admin@sdfrenchschool.orgg

Language: French

San Diego French American School is a private, coeducational, independent, college pre-preparatory school enrolling children in Preschool (2-, 3- and 4-year-olds), Elementary School (kindergarten – 5th grade), and Middle School (6th , 7th & 8th grades). San Diego French American School is a California non-profit organization in San Diego, California, founded in 1988.

San Mateo

Universe of Colors
302 8th Ave.
San Mateo , CA 94401

Eliana Courtin- Lyon
Phone: (650) 401-8368

Languages: Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, English

Universe of Colors aims to introduce your child to a new language within a dynamic, creative and warm environment. We offer morning and afternoon Preschool, after school classes for Kindergarten and Elementary school children, Summer Camps (June-Aug), and classes at your location of choice.

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