About Language Tree

At Language Tree, we’ve gone to great lengths to develop new and innovative ways to make language learning enjoyable. We’ve incorporated upbeat, modern music created by a Hollywood composer along with interactive games into language lessons developed by highly-experienced language educators. Our tools help young learners quickly and effortlessly gain spoken proficiency in a new language.

To further enhance language acquisition and retention, we've worked with researchers and instructors from leading language schools and universities. The end result is a breakthrough way of teaching languages, the Multi-Cognition Approach, which enables both children and adults to better acquire and retain new phrases and vocabulary. Language Tree's products serve as extremely effective supplemental tools that support language teaching in both home and classroom settings.

Why Learn a Second Language?

In our increasingly global society, the ability to speak more than one language opens up a world of new life opportunities:

  • Greater competitive advantages in the global workplace
  • Better overall academic performance
  • More freedom in travel
  • Stronger appreciation and understanding of different cultures

While early childhood is the best time to learn, language learning may not always be fun for kids.  Children have a natural affinity for languages, but often lose interest because language learning can be dry and tedious. The key to maintaining your child’s interest in learning is to make the process fun and natural.