Every Language Tree product employs our unique Multi-Cognition Approach to enhance learning and retention.  This methodology stresses three proven learning techniques:

  1. Repetition
  2. Active thinking
  3. Information clustering

First, new phrases are repeated multiple times which provides ample opportunity for your brain to register the information. Next, we take learning to a deeper level by encouraging you to think actively about the meaning of the phrases. Lastly, because too much information at once can be difficult to absorb, we group new words and phrases into easy-to-manage clusters.

The net result is that you will be able to learn more at a faster rate and be able to better retain what you’ve learned.

The Language Tree Difference

Language Tree products are both effective and entertaining.

  • Proven Learning Approach: Our unique 3-tier methodology helps kids learn more, at a faster rate and be able to better retain what they’ve learned.
  • Audio and Visual Stimulation:  Our products use stimulating audio and video reinforcements to help the brain process new information more quickly.
  • Fun to Watch: Our DVDs and online classes feature realistic storylines, colorful 3D animation and fun sing-along songs to reinforce new words and phrases.
  • Inspirational Characters: We make language learning “cool” by introducing positive role models that inspire your child to speak a new language.
  • Cultural Awareness:  Our lessons highlight the diverse cultures of today.
  • Interactive Learning: We’ve embedded fun games throughout that test lesson comprehension.