You Are What You Think


With everything going on in the world today, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of your thoughts. Your thoughts invoke your emotions, and can lead to anxiety and depression vs. contentment and happiness. I’ve been in a rut myself and found Dale Carnegie’s quote helpful. (more…)

Never Forget and Give Back


We will never forget this day back in 2001. Americans are resourceful and willing to help their fellow man in time of need. I felt so grateful this past weekend as my daughter (7th grader) and her friend wanted to do something for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. (more…)

Keeping Your Sanity


Juggling back to school, work, household chores or whatever pulls you in ten different directions remember to take time to Exercise.

For me I simply view it as an important appointment and a way to keep my sanity. Imperfection is perfect. We can get caught up in (more…)

School Routine


For many parents, getting the kids back into the routine can be challenging.  Continuing with our tips remember….

Don’t take things personally. When you hear other parents talk about how their child bounds joyfully out of bed each morning and gets ready for school on time. This is not an invitation to beat yourself up because your mornings are a far cry from smooth. Remember every child is different and you can’t believe everything you hear ????

If you have some good morning rituals please share with us.

Back to school Stress Free


On of our favorite authors and parenting guru, Susan Stiffelman has some very sound advice for back to school time. Kids can feel nervous and excited for back to school, but let’s face it back to school (more…)