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Learning Together Builds Strong Bonds


As the school year comes to an end, I can’t help reflecting on the past. My daughter started the two-way Spanish immersion (more…)

Languages Needed in the UK


It’s always interesting to look at what languages are trending in different parts of the world. In the United States given our demographics and geography the predominant second language sought after is Spanish for obvious reasons. In the UK, however it is a much different story. I thought this was noteworthy, the top 10 languages are…… (more…)

Brexit = Language Learning?


No matter where you stand on Brexit, one very positive trend has developed due to Britain’s exit from the European Union. Research has found (more…)

German Culture


A spectacular place to visit is Ludwigsburg Palace in the city of Ludwigsburg, which is North of Stuttgart’s city center. It is one of the country’s largest baroque palaces. Built in 1704 for King Frederick. For more on German culture and language


Making Others Happy is the Best Gift to Yourself


I wanted to share an experience I had with my daughter this past Easter weekend. We are a therapy team with Therapy Dogs International. My 12 year old daughter, our Standard Poodle and myself went to visit our usual Senior Living home nearby.

On this special weekend we decided to bring with us a basket with chocolate eggs to hand out. It doesn’t matter if you are 8 or 82 years old, everyone loves a chocolate treat.

In one room we visited, an elderly person was losing their eye site. Her caregiving and family in the room suggested we put our dog on the bed with her because she loves dogs. At first a little apprehensive, our dog jumped on the bed and shortly thereafter rested her had on the person’s lap. Right away I could tell it gave her much joy and her entire body seemed to relax.

In that moment, nothing could have made me feel better. There I was with my daughter, loving dog and an elderly person who was thrilled with having us there.

In this challenging time of adolescence, I found this a great way to connect with my daughter as well as teach her early on about the benefits of giving back.

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