How many times have you committed to something and later find you simply did not have to the time? Or you make a New Year’s resolution and discover you’re making the same resolution the following January ….it can happen even to the best of us. Life is busy these days and most of us are regularly being pulled in many different directions.


I have found a good way out of this vicious cycle  is to schedule whatever it may be into your calendar as if it were a doctor’s appointment. Let’s take tackling a new language as our example.   Many adults find themselves wishing they could be proficient in another language. That hope and desire can fall by the wayside if it is not made a priority.

Here are three of tips I have found to be crucial in achieving success:

1) Get an accountability partner. This could be a friend, significant other or coworker with an equal desire. Hold one another accountable to the goals you have established.

2) Schedule it! Be reasonable and determine the time you can spend each week pursuing your goal. Even if it is only 1 hour per week, put it in your calendar and stick to it.

3) Never give up! Maybe you had a bad week and didn’t hit your goal. Don’t beat yourself up. Instead stay positive, tell yourself next week will go better and keep on track.

Remember nobody is perfect and practice is the mother of all skills no matter what it may be….


If you have additional tips, please share.