In the fall of 2010 my husband and I made a big decision to send our daughter to a two-way Spanish immersion school. It wasn’t an easy decision. On the one hand, it was easy for me as an advocate of early second language learning…. 

However, it was not so easy for my husband.  He was concerned that the two-way Spanish immersion program was offered only at Title 1 schools.  He also struggled with the fact that our daughter would be taught to read in Spanish before English.   What if she falls behind in English?

Here we are in 2016, our daughter is in the 5th grade and she can read, write and speak in both Spanish and English. Was it always smooth sailing? No, but the benefits far outweigh the struggles.

Have you considered a two-way immersion (also called dual immersion depending on your area) school track?  Do you have reservations?

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