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CABE 2017

If you are attending the annual CABE (California Association of Bilingual Education) conference, please join us at our workshop on Friday, March 31st  – Anaheim Marriott – Grand Ballroom J from 10:30-11:45am. The theme is newcomers…….Our goal is to assess their entry point and provide a tiered individualized learning environment catering to the specific needs…

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Kids are Amazing

I think as mom’s we all share pride in our children and are amazed at times by what they understand and convey. My daughter, a 6th grade middle schooler was helping me review video segments of our upcoming American School Culture module. She made a few comments afterward that I wanted to share.

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Language Tree in Production

The last several weeks have been epic! Both in having a great time and working hard. We have been shooting on location at various schools engaged with middle and high school students. We thought who best to give advice to newcomer students (in the U.S. 12 months or less) than American students who know the ropes.…

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American School Culture

Imagine this… move to a new country, enter a new middle or high school and everyone speaks a language you don’t understand? Now envision doing this while going through one of the toughest periods of your life….puberty! That is what newcomer students

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