I am a homeschooler of three. I am fluent in Italian and have made it a priority to teach the kids the language as well. The Italian for Kids DVDs are a part of our daily lives! Each one of my little ones has gone crazy for it. I don't allow much in the way of television -- the "Momo DVDs" are a rare exception. We do get DVDs from our family in Italy -- they are great for full immersion, but they lack the helpful English explanations that are sometimes necessary.
– Niki M.
I have been using your Italian program with my 3-year old grand-niece who has been learning Italian from me since the day she was born. The program is helpful and supporting to what she already knows and she loves it.  I wish other Italian Americans would learn how easy it is to teach their little ones our beautiful language.
– Celeste R., PhD.
Love your Italian DVD! It is our favorite out of the different language DVDs we have watched. So glad we found yours!
– Katrina Q.
We have loved your Italian for Kids DVDs for the past several years.  We hope you will be producing more Italian language DVDs.
– Teresa F.
We absolutely love our Language Tree in Italian, version 1.  Our 3 children, ages 7, 5 and 3 all love Momo! Thank you for offering such a great product...it makes learning a second language so much fun.
– Carolyn F.
Italian for Kids volume 1 is great. My 3 kids love watching it and actually ask to put it on instead of there other shows. The songs keep and the vibrant colors keep them interested. Momo the dog is great. My son already has been repeating the colors and body parts in Italian and my oldest daughter is really saying the phrases and sentences that they teach. It really is a great learning tool for young children.
– Gina D.
Is there a volume three in the works? I hope so. My granddaughter, learned so quickly that we need to move on.  As a retired language teacher of French, Spanish and Italian, I really appreciate your methodology.  It would be a shame to stop here. I speak to my granddaughter in Italian, but she is much more interested in your video.
– Laura


Chinese for Kids have provided hours of fun for my child. The video has engaged my child and increased his ability to understand and speak Mandarin.
– Pete, New Jersey
I've seen several learn Chinese DVD's and this one is one of the best. The mix of speech, song, graphics all came together to keep your attention and educate. This DVD really does its job.
  – Thomas, T., Texas
 My daughter Alexandra (who is 2) says I like that whenever I play the Chinese for Kids video.  I’m watching the video as well.  Alexandra has other DVDs but she picks this one.  My Chinese has improved since watching the Language Tree videos.
– Ming Ming L, California
My kids and I enjoyed the interactive DVDs.  The games are practical, educational and entertaining.  We like the songs.  They are original and seem to be authentic.  It’s the most fun I have had while trying to learn Chinese.
– Brandy B.


We bought French for Kids volume 2 after previously watching and enjoying the first volume.  My 3-year old daughter loves this one even more! My daughter likes to see other kids speak French and it encourages her to speak it as well. The level of the video is fine for my daughter who recently enrolled in a French pre-school.
– Su R., California
I wanted to thank you for your terrific product. We have been using a French workbook but have had a hard time finding good audio/visual products that use native speakers appropriate for elementary school.  This was just what we were looking for.
– Sue H.


"I have been using the Spanish videos with kindergarten/1st grade aged students and they LOVE them.  I want to challenge my students with a fun way to learn a foreign language"
– Natalie H, teacher
My 5 year old son loves this DVD! They do have many words in Spanish and English on the screen as they say the words, which is very helpful since my son knows how to read. Even if you child doesn't read yet, he will learn how by just watching the DVD many times. It's a great learning tool and my son loves it!
– R. Ellsperman


Our son has enjoyed your two introductory German DVDs. He would like to have additional materials to learn more about German on his own. We have no schools in our area that would teach German to a boy his age, he has just turned 10.
– Audrey R.
I loved the DVD series so much that I also ordered their French and Spanish versions! Charmingly made with native speakers, this series also has cute CGI cartoon characters that help keep kids entertained. Interactive games, catchy music and songs, and a well-written dialogue make this a must-own for any parent or teacher who is helping their child learn a foreign language!
- A. Harris


A friend of mine sent me this video because she knew my 18 month old gets a little frustrated when he can't get me to understand what he wants.  That evening, I was giving him dinner and picked up his bib to put it on, and he made the sign for "bib"! I was shocked! The next morning, he pulled me into the kitchen and I asked him what he wanted and he made the sign for drink! I would love to say it's just that my son is a genius... but I really think it is the video.
– Lisa B., North Carolina


My kids and I enjoy this DVD. (They are ages 8 and 12.) It’s very good to help with learning sign language. Not boring.
– Vicky L.
I used these DVD's for a co-op ASL class that I was teaching, and I found them extremely helpful. The signs are presented clearly and slowly and repeated after being presented for the first time. I would recommend watching this DVD (and the other volumes/levels) over and over to gain a firm grasp of what is being taught.
– Anonymous
This is a really great intro into Sign Language. My daughter and I have started using it and we find it easy to follow, with lots of repetition for practice, social tips, and mini quizzes. Really excellent if you are just starting to learn Sign Language!
– Anonymous
This was such a cool video. I got it for my little sister to watch when I have to babysit, but I ended up watching it with her! Now we have a lot of fun signing to each other. You can tell it’s made for kids, but it’s not one of those annoying kid videos. Great buy!
– Jan


I absolutely love this video. The Spanish is simple and applicable. It covers very useful vocabulary. I love that it's entirely in Spanish and isn't translated, but the way that it's presented it doesn't need to be. One of the best features is that it will dim part of the screen so that if it's saying "nose" then the nose is highlighted. A great learning tool.
– Debra